Quick Blend

Place the mask in your Masks Folder and your frame in your Picture Frames folder
Supplies in Zip folder
ABG6 Background, Edge%20oval Mask, Oval Frame

Supplies Here

Open a Background or use mine and minimise for now
Open a Tube of your choice
Effects / Artistic Effects / Aged Newspaper / Amount to Age 100 / Ok
Unminimise your background
 (I resized my background to 600 x500)
 you might have to resize yours  unless you use mine
Copy and Paste your tube onto your background as a new layer
Tools / Deform tool resize and position then click pan
Layers Palette / Change the Blend Mode to Hard Light
Adjust / Brightness and Contrast / Brightness 33 / Contrast 0 / ok
Repeat the Brightness if you want to
Layers / Merge / Merge visible
Layers / Load /Save Mask / Load Mask from Disk
Mask Edge%20ovalMask / Source Luminance Checked / Fit to Canvas checked / Hide all
Mask checked / Load
Layers Merge / Merge Group
Activate your top layer and repeat the mask settings
Layers Palette add a New Layer drag to the Bottom
Materials Palette choose black
Tools / flood fill tool / Match mode RGB / Tolerance 20 / Sample merged checked / Blend Mode
normal / Opacity 100
Flood Fill your activated layer with your black
Click Pan
Layers / Merge / Merge Visible
Image / Picture Frame / I used oval / frame canvas checked / frame outside of the image checked
/ ok
Layers palette activate the Picture frame
Selections / Select All
Selections / Float and defloat
Activate your bottom layer and press delete on your keyboard
Selections / Select none
Delete the picture frame layer
Add a new layer drag to the bottom and flood fill with black
Click Pan
Layers / Merge / Merge all Flatten
Material Palette choose color and white in both boxes
Tools / text tool big A / settings / create as vector / direction first / font I used Ravie / size any
 / Stroke width 0
Write your name in the text box and click apply
Resize using the nodes
Layers / palette right click on vector and convert to raster layer
Click Pan
Selections / select all
Float / Defloat
Press Delete on the keyboard
You should now see ants
Materials palette choose color using the dropper choose a color from your background
Right click and copy the Html for your color
Effects / 3D Effects / Drop Shadow / Settings V1 / H -1 / Op 100 / Blur 8 / click in the color
box and paste your color code into the html box click ok
add your copyright and watermark finish of how you like and save
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