Lady In Wating

Open a 500x500 Transparent Image

Selections / Select All

Open a Background

Copy and Paste into Selection

Close Original Background

Layer Palette Duplicate Layer

X out bottom layer

Activate top layer background

Selections / Select All

Selections / Modify / Contract 50 pixels / ok

Selections / invert press Delete on Keyboard

Selections / Select None

Adjust / Blur / Radial Blur / Zoom checked

Strength 100 / Eliptical checked / H 0 / v 0 / p 0 / Ok

Still Top Layer / Effects / Distortion Effects / Polar Coordinates / Rectangular to 

Polar checked / Wrap checked / Ok

Right click on Top layer add a new layer

Material Palette set both boxes to White

Tools / Preset Tool / Elipse Tool / Settings / Show Nodes unchecked / Create on 

Vector checked / all other settings leave as they are

Draw out a big circle Click Pan

Layer Palette convert Vector to Raster

Tools / Deform Tool / Position and resize your Circle so it almost fits the layer

Click Pan

Layer Palette drag the white circle layer above the bottom x out layer

Un x Background layer bottom and activate

Effects / Texture Effects / Blinds / Width 20

Opacity adjust to taste / Color White if a dark background is used otherwise use 


Horizontal unchecked / Light from left top checked / Ok

Repeat Texture Effect Blinds / Same settings this time check horizontal / uncheck 

Light from left top / Ok

Layers / Merge All Flatten

Image / Resize 400 pixels / Resize all layers checked

Open a Tube Copy and Paste as a New layer

Tools / Deform resize and position tube

Effects / Drop Shadow / V 0 / H 0 / Op 100 / B 8 / Color Black / Ok

Add your Copyright and Watermark

Layers / Merge Visible

Tools / Text Tool big A / create as Vector / Direction any / Font any / Size any / 

Stroke Width 0

Material Palette choose your color and then write your Name

Layer Palette / Convert Vector to Raster layer

Position your name and click Pan

Layers / Merge All Flatten and finish how you want to and save as Give a Name

Save type as JPEG

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