Pencil Sketch

Open a Photo or Image you want to use

Shift D to copy close original

Layer Palette / Right click and Duplicate once

Top Layer Active

Adjust  / Hue and Saturation / Hue Saturation Lightness Settings: Only Change the Saturation from 0 to -100 / ok

Layer Palette / Right click and duplicate the top layer once

Still on top layer

Layers / New Adjustment layer / invert / ok

Do not change any of the settings

Layers / Merge / Merge Down

Layers / Properties / Change Blend Mode to Dodge / ok

your layer now looks like a white page with a few black bits

Adjust / Blur /Blur More keep repeating this step until you are satisfied with the result

Adjust / Sharpness / Sharpen

Layers / Merge / Merge all Flatten

Now you have your pencil drawing

Resize it if you want to

(Optional this depends on what image or photo you use)

You could go to layers / Promote to Background layer

Tools /Freehand Selection (Lasso) tool  use your own settings draw around your image to 

select ants

Selections / Invert

Press Delete on your keyboard to remove background

Layers / Merge / Merge all flatten

This is the Optional Way

Now to save

File / save as give it a name

Save type as png ,  jpeg anything you like 

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