Making a Tag using a Tube not a PNG
finishedtag.jpg image by mallywilliams

Open your Paint Shop Pro program.
Go to File and choose New and an image opens.
Change the Image Dimensions to Width 400 and Height 400.
Set Units to Pixels and Pixels / cm the Resolution should be set to 78.740.
Image Characteristics
choose Raster Background.
Color Depth: 16 Million Colors (24 Bit) Color:
tick Transparent and then click ok
Image 1 at 100% (Raster 1) will open we call this a raster layer or new layer.

To the right you will notice the Layer Palette in this you will see Raster 1 in Dark Blue this means it is active.

Adding Color to the Raster Layer 1
Go to the Materials Palette on the right.
Left click in the Background and Fill Properties Box the black box on the image.
Material Properties box opens.

In Style choose a colour and click ok.
Go to the left Tools Bar and click on the Flood fill tool 
to activate it.
Right click on the Raster 1 (new layer) and it fills with the colour you chose

Go to the Tool Bar and click the Pan tool  to deactivate the Flood fill tool.
Time to add the Tube A Tube is usually made up of 2 - 3 layers depending on the person who made the tube
The first layer is normally the tubers name or watermark.
The second layer is the copyright of the artist that drew the image.
And the third is the image itself, which is now a tube.
File / Browse and locate the Tube you want from the box which opens.

Double click on the tube you want to open it.

Once you have the Tube you want open then close of the box containing all the other
Tubes by pressing the X on the top right of the box.
In the Layer Palette on the right you will now have 2 layers.
One is the Tube and the other the Copyright ©.
In the Layer Palette click on the copyright layer to activate it (turn
dark blue).
On the right of the copyright layer you will see the icon of an eye click on it so that a red
X appears. 
This closes of the copyright layer so that you can use the other layer.
Click on the tube layer to activate it.
Go back to the tube image and right click on it and choose Copy

Click on the coloured Raster or layer the one you flood filled with colour to activate it.
Right click on it and choose Paste as a New Layer.
The image or tube now appears on the coloured Raster layer.
 If it's too big you need to resize it.
Go to the Tools on the left and choose Raster Deform

You will see a Dotted box appear around the image.

 Use the corner nodes little blue
boxes to resize the image and the centre node to position into the middle if needed

Press the Pan tool to deactivate the deform tool.
You will now have the tube centred and resized on the coloured raster layer.
Go to the Menu Bar on the top of the program and choose the word layers.
Scroll down the list until you find the word Merge and to the side another menu
opens choose Merge Visible.

In the Layer Palette you will now have 1 layer called Merged.

Click back on the tube and then click the red X in the layer palette to remove the red
X which is the Copyright Layer to activate this layer.
Return to the tube and right click on it and choose copy this time you will be copying the copyright only.
Go to the merged image and right click select paste as New Layer.
Tools / Deform tool use the nodes again and position and resize the copyright on to
the image.
Click Pan again.
Now you should be left with the tube on a coloured background with the copyright.
Top Menu bar Layers / Merge / Merge Visible.
Close of the original tube leaving only the merged image.

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