Square Selector

Open a 400 x 400 transparent image.

Tools / selection tool / settings: rectangle / mode add shift / feather 0 / anti-alias unchecked

start at the top left corner draw out a square using the little squares ( nodes) on your layer

as a guide make it about seven little squares by seven.

Click pan to deselect selection

Tools / flood fill tool

material palette choose white

flood Fill the square with white

Selections / select none

Layer palette duplicate the square layer.

Image mirror.

Layers / merge / merge visible

Layer palette duplicate the now merged layer

image / flip

Layers / merge / merge visible

Activate the top layer the squares / tools magic wand settings: add(shift)/ match mode RGB 


/tolerance 20 / feather 0 / anti-alias unchecked

using the wand click on square top left to activate the ants

then click pan to deactivate the magic wand

Open a tube

Tools / selection tool use the same settings and draw a square around the top half of the tube 


Click pan to deactivate selection tool

Right click on the top part you selected and copy click on the other layer with ants and

paste into Selection

selections / select none

Using magic wand activate the bottom right square.

with the square selected paste Into selection.

now you should have two top halves pasted into the top left and bottom right square

selections / select none

Go back to your tube selections / invert

Using your Magic Wand click on the top right square to activate ants

Click Pan

Right click on your tube and choose copy

go back to your selected square and paste into selection

selections / select none.

do the same with the last square.

now you will be left with all four squares filled

top left - top half of body , top right - bottom half of body , bottom left - top half of body , bottom 

right - bottom half of body.

go back to your tube and selections / select none to get rid of the ants

Activate the squares layer

Effects / 3d effects / drop shadow / settings : v7/h7/op50/b0/black

Effects / 3d effects / drop shadow / settings : v-7/h-7/op50/b0/black

Layer /palette / right click new raster layer / layers arrange / send to bottom

Selections / select all

Open a background

Activate bottom blank layer copy and paste your background into selection

selections / select none

Close background now

Activate top layer your squares lower the opacity of your merged squares layer to about 50 this 

will blend in your image

Layers / merge visible

Open another tube or use the same one

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer onto the merged image

Use deform tool to resize and position your tube click pan to deselect deform tool

Adjust sharpeness / sharpen if needed

Image / mirror your tube

Effects / 3d effects / drop shadow / v-1 / h-1/op50/ b11/ black

Add your copy right and watermark and merge visible

Tools / text tool big A / settings : vector / direction first / font any / size any / stroke w1

Material palette choose same colour in both boxes write your name click apply

Add a drop shadow to your text if you want to your settings

Layer palette right click vector convert to raster layer

layers merge all flatten and save type as JPEG

Too make it more exciting you could add a border or frame like I did on mine

This Tutorial was Created by ©Mally on Thursday 04 May 2006

and is the Property of ©Mally.

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