Animation Shop Optimization Wizard Settings

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Open Animation Shop 

Click New a List opens 

The Image shows the list before we open a new animation

File / New / Create New Animation width any x Height any / Canvas Color: Transparent 

The other Image shows you with a new image opened 

Once it is open you will see more new commands before they where hidden

 We don’t need the new frame it’s only used so that the optimization wizard option 

opens in the list

You will notice the difference more commands have been opened before they where hidden

Optimized Output opens / Settings:

Optimize for: Animated Gif file checked /

 When finished: Replace the Current animation with the optimized version checked

Click Next

Animation Quality Versus Output Size opens

Click the Customize Button 

Customize Optimization Settings opens

Colors / Number of Colors: use the dropdown and choose 255 colors

Create Palette by / Optimized Median cut checked

Reduce colors by / Error Diffusion checked Ok

Click the Customize Button Again

Optimizations / Remove Non Visible Animation Elements unchecked / Write Minimal Frames 


 / Collapse Identical Frames checked / Map Identical Pixels To Transparent checked /

Enable Browser-Specific Optimizations unchecked / Ok

Click the Customize Button Again

Partial Transparency is not allowed in a Gif file

 Convert pixels less than checked use the dropdown and choose 1 

Use a 50% dither pattern unchecked

Use error diffusion dither unchecked

Would you like to blend the partially transparent pixels?

Yes, blend with this color: unchecked

No, use the existing image color at 100% opacity checked

Click Ok

Check the Use these settings when saving unoptimized files

Now your settings should be saved ready to use

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