Flower Rosette

Open a 400X400 Transparent Image

Open one of the Flower tubes from the Supplies

Activate your New Layer

Selections / Select All

Right click and Copy the Flower tube

Right click on your New Layer and Paste Into Selection

Selections/Select None

Close of the Original Tube

Material Palaette / Color / choose White

Tools/Ellipse this is located in the Drop Down from the Preset Tools /Settings : Mode 

Circle/ Create As Vector Checked

Carefully Drag out a Circle

Click Pan

Layer Palette the Word Vector should be the Top Layer

Layer Palette Right click on Vector and Convert To Raster Layer

Tools / Deform Tool / Use the Nodes to center the Circle and Resize if needed

Click Pan

Material Palette choose Color

Use the Eye Dropper on your Flower and Choose a COLOUR

Top Layer still Active

Selections / Select All / Float / Defloat

Tools / Flood Fill / Fill the Selected Circle with the Colour

Selections / Select None

Effects / 3D Effects / Drop Shadow Settings: V0 / H0 / Op100 / B17 Click inside 
the Color Box

A Color Palette opens change the Colour to a Dark one from your Tube

Click Ok

Open A Tube of your choice

Copy and Paste As a New Layer

Tools / Deform Tool / Resize the Tube so it fits the Circle

Click Pan

Click on the Eye at the side of the Tube Layer and change the Opacity to 50-60

Effects / 3D Effects / Drop Shadow Settings: V0 / H0 / Op100 / 17

Use the same Colour as before or a bit darker one

Repeat Drop Shadow this gives a slight glow to your Tube

Layers / Merge / Merge visible

Layer Palette add a New Layer

Drag to the bottom or ( Layers / Arrange / Send To Bottom )

Material Palette / Pattern / Settings / :Angle 0 / Scale I Used 10 but it's your choice

Tools / Flood Fill / Fill with the Pattern you chose

Click Pan

Next is your Name

Tools / Text Tool ( Big A ) Settings:

Create As Vector / Direction any / Font any / Size any / Stroke Width any /

Material Palette choose your Colour Set it in Both Boxes

Write your Name in the Text box which opens

Click Apply

Use the Nodes to Position and Resize if needed

Click Pan

Add your own Drop Shadow

Add the Copyright and Watermark

Add a Frame and a Quote or Poem if you want

Layers / Merge / Merge All Flatten

Save As Give it a Name

Save Type As JPEG

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