Twisty Name

 Paint Shop Pro & Animation Shop Version 

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Open Paint Shop Pro

Open a 400 x 200 transparent image

material palette chose the color you want to use for your name

Text tool big A Settings; create as vector / direction first / font any /size 72 / stroke width any

write your name click Apply

Layer Palette / convert vector to raster layer

Tools / Crop tool / settings any draw a box around your name and click the tick

Click pan

Text tool / change the font same size

material palette change the color you want for your name

write your name use the nodes to make it the same size as your other writing

Click Pan

Convert Vector layer to Raster layer


File Save As give it a name Save Type As Animation Psp or Psp 7 format

Open Animation shop

Open your saved names

once open you will see 3  frames delete the first one (blank) 

Now your left with 2 name frames

Click in the first one to activate it

Effects / Insert Image Transition

Insert Image Transition Settings: Start with Animation Frame checked / End with Animation Frame checked

Define Transition / Transition Length 5.0secs / Frames Per Second 2fps / Transition contains a total of 10 

Frames / Effect use the drop down and choose Twist / Show Preview checked / Click Ok

Now you should have 12 frames

Click View / Animation or the View Animation Icon to test it works same again to stop it working


File Save As Give it a name 

Save Type as Gif

Click Next Next until its saved

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