Shape of things to Come

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Place the Shape in the Preset Shapes folder in your psp program file

Preset Shape Here

Open a 400 x 400 Transparent image.

Tools / Preset shape / Settings: Smerfy-DecoBorders6 shape / Remain style, Anti-alias, Create as vector all 

ticked / Width 1 /Join first one / Miter limit 15.

Drag out the shape to fill the canvas using the nodes then click pan.

Layer palette / right click on vector and convert to raster layer.

Material palette choose a nice gradient use your own settings.

Selections / select all / float / defloat.

Tools / flood fill / flood fill the shape with the gradient then click pan.

Selections / modify / contract by 3 pixels.

Selections / invert.

Right click on the layer and duplicate until you have 3.

Activate the top layer / adjust / add noise 70% /Random Checked  / monochrome checked ok.

X out top layer activate the 2nd layer / adjust / add noise 75% / Random Checked /monochrome checked ok.

X out 2nd layer active the 3rd layer / adjust / add noise 80% / Random Checked /monochrome checked ok.

Selections / select none.

Un x all layers.

Open a tube of your choice .

Activate the bottom layer and copy and paste your tube as a new layer.

Tools / deform / resize and position your tube

click pan

close original tube now

Effects / 3d effects /drop shadow add a soft drop shadow to your tube v-1 / h 1 / op 60 / b 14 / black / ok.

Copy and paste the copy right to the tube layer as a new layer also add your watermark.

X out the first 3 layers your shapes and activate one of the other layers.

Layers / merge visible.

Add a new raster layer drag it to the bottom and flood fill with a color or gradient click pan.

Merge visible the tube layer and the bottom layer.

Duplicate the layer you just merged until you have 3.

Then X out all the layers.

Activate and unx the first shape layer and unx the first tube layer (merged) and merge visible and x it out.

Activate the next shape layer unx and unx the next tube layer and merge visible x out the merged layer.

Un x the last 2 layers and merge visible now unx all layers.

Activate the top layer.

Tools / text tool / vector / any direction / font any / size any / sw 0 or 1 / sharp.

Material palette choose your color for your writing.

Write your name and click apply.

Layer palette convert the vector to raster layer and duplicate until you have 3.

X out all layers and as before give them a partner and merge them visible leaving you with 3 merge layers.

Un x the merged layers and save as Animation Shop Psp or Psp 7 format.

Animation shop

Open the saved image in animation shop

Check it works by clicking on View Animation

Now Save As give a name and Save Type as Gif.

Click Next, Next until it’s saved

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