How to add Glitter to a Tubes Clothing and Animate

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Right Click and Save Open them in Animation Shop

Open Paint Shop Pro and Animation Shop

Open the Tube you want in Paint Shop Pro

Tools / Freehand Selection Tool (Lasso) settings: Type Point to Point / Mode Add (Shift) / Feather 0 / Anti-

alias checked

Use your Lasso Tool and follow the outline of the clothing you want to add your Glitter to

Click Pan

Layer Palette Duplicate your Selected tube until you have 3

Animation Shop

File / Browse and locate your Glitter

Open your Glitter you will notice you have 3 Frames

Edit / Select all

Right Click on the Selected Glitter and choose Copy

Go back to Paint Shop Pro right click and Paste Animation As Multiple Images

Activate your top layer

Tools / Paint Brush / Shape Default Circle / size 35 / Hardness 100 / step 25/

Leave the rest of the settings as they are

Material Palette  click in the top Foreground box to open the Materials Properties Box


Layer Palette X out the Middle and Bottom layer

Activate the top Layer use your paint brush and fill in the selected area with your glitter

X out top and unx the middle layer and activate

Materials Palette / Pattern / choose your next glitter

Fill the selected area with your glitter

X out Middle layer Unx the bottom / activate

Materials palette / pattern / choose your last glitter

Fill your Selected layer with Glitter

Click pan

Selections / Select none

Un x all layers

 Layer Palette Activate top layer

Image / Resize / height 400 Pixels / resample using smart size checked / maintain original print size checked / 


Layer Palette activate all the layers in turn and adjust / sharpness / sharpen

Layer Palette add a new layer drag it to the bottom

Tools / flood fill

Fill with your white color

Layer palette right click and duplicate until you have 3

X out all

Un X the top and a white layer

Layers / merge / merge visible

X out Merged

Un X the middle and a white layer

Layers / merge / merge visible

X out Merged

Un X the last 2 layers

Layers / merge / merge visible

Un X all the layers

File / Save As Give it a Name

Save type as Animation Shop Psp or Psp 7 format

Tools / Text tool /Create as Vector / Direction First / Font any / Size any / Stroke Width 0

Materials Palette / choose the color for your name

Write your Name click apply

Layer palette / right click and convert vector to raster layer

Right Click on your name and choose copy

Open Animation Shop

Open your saved frames in animation shop 

Edit / Select all

Right Click in a Blank area and Paste as new Animation this is your name

Once you have your name pasted go to edit / propagate paste

Right click in the first of your selected frames and paste into selected frame

If you do it right your name will appear in all of your frames

View / Animation to test it works / repeat to stop it animating

File / Save as give it a name / Save type as Gif

Click Next, Next until it has been saved

(Alternately you could add your glitter to your name the same way as you applied the glitter earlier)

Open your glitter name and paste into selected frames

Edit / Select all

Right Click and Paste into Selected frame

Test it works

Save as give it a name / save type as Gif

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