Movie Star


Open a 400x400 Transparent Image
Materials Palette choose Black
Tools / Flood Fill Tool
Fill your new layer with black
Click Pan
Layers Palette add a new raster layer

Tools / Choose Pastel / Shape Circle / Size 55/ Rotation 0 / Head tracking

Activate the first track path / trace unchecked
Materials Palette choose color and in the top foreground box choose a bright color in the
Background box choose the same color whilst in the Materials Properties box, under styles at the
bottom you have a L (Luminance) change it to 75
Now you have a darker version of your color Ok
On your working layer start from the top hold down your right mouse button and move from left to
 right draw a line Underneath this line do another line carry on until you have filled your working
Now in your layers palette you have a Art Media layer
This layer is only for the Art tools such as Oil Brush,Chalk, Pastel, Crayon, Colored Pencil and the rest
 of the Art tools
Layers Palette right click and add a New Art Media Layer change mouse buttons now using the
lighter color repeat the lines only do not fill the layer just do random lines
Click Pan
X out bottom layer
Layers / Merge Visible
Layers / load save mask / load mask from disk Mask Edge squares / source luminance checked / fit
to canvas checked / invert transparency unchecked/ hide all mask checked/ load
Unx bottom layer
Layers / Merge group
Open a tube copy and paste your tube as a new layer
Tools / deform tool / resize and position your tube
Click pan
Effects / drop shadow / v-10 / h10 / op100/ b20/ color choose a very dark version of the color you
used / shadow on new layer checked / ok
Image / picture frame / Film / frame canvas checked / frame outside of the image checked
if you want to remove the yellow numbers by using your brush tool and black)
Layers / merge visible
Image resize / type 500 in the Height and the width should change to 385 pixels /
Resample using smart size and checked / maintain original print size unchecked /
lock aspect ratio checked / resize all layers checked / ok
Add your name , copyright, watermark
save as jpeg and give it a name