Time to Learn

Open Animation Shop

File / New / 400 x 400 Transparent Image

Effects / Insert text Effect /

Settings: Start with: Animation Frame Checked.

Text appearance / Custom Color Checked click in the coloured box

To open the color palette /

Choose a color from the Color Palette and click ok

Define text: write your name or inscription

Click the word Font to open the Add Text box

Font attributes / Name: choose your font from the dropdown I used Year Book Solid / Style Regular / Size:

 48 / Script: Western / Text effects / Antialias checked / Alignment / Center checked

Enter text here: type your name or inscription you can view it in Sample 

Click Ok

This takes you back to the Insert Text effect

Define effects: Effect Length: 4.1 secs

Frames Per Second: 11 fps

Effect contains a total of 45 frames.

Effect: use the dropdown and choose Wheel

Click the Customize... button to open Wheel Text Effect / Rotation Direction check either Clockwise or 

Counter-clockwise / click OK

Back on Insert Text effect click Ok

This takes you back to your working frames

You should now have 46 frames

My first frame was blank so I right clicked on it and delete it

View/ Animation to test it works repeat to stop it 

( Now the choice is yours either save it as it is or add a tube into the center)

We can add a tube from inside Animation Shop

Adding a tube

File / Browse or open / locate your tube and open it.

If you have your copyright on a separate frame just activate your tube not both frames

Animation / Resize Animation

Pixel Size checked / Height 400 / resize type Smart size

Check Maintain aspect ratio of /

Click Ok

Let's just test it's not too big before we actually add it mine was slightly to big so I resized it again

Right click on your tube choose Copy

Right click in first frame and choose paste into selected frame check it fits

Mine was slightly too big so I resized it again
 If it does fit then go to Top Menu bar click on the Undo Paste icon  to remove your tube

Now Click in the first of your name frames to activate

Edit / Select All /

Edit / Propagate Paste

Right click and paste into selected frame

If you have done it right your tube should appear in all the frames

Test it works again

Add your copyright the same way

File / New 500 x 500 Opaque checked and white OK

Right Click on your white frame and Duplicate until you have 45 frames the same amount as your

 Name frames

Edit / Select all

Go to your name frames they should all still be selected

Right click and choose copy

Right click on your white frames and paste into selected frame left click to set it in place

Test it works one more time

File / Save as give it a name

Save Type as Gif

Click Next, next until it is saved

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