Watermark Script

Open a 200x200 transparent image
top menu bar to the far right you will see the script menu bar with a
drop down / next to this is a blue triangle this is called Run Selected
Script the fifth icon along from this is a blue circle this is called
Start Script Recording

Click on the blue circle to start the script recording
material palette choose color and set black in both of the boxes

tools / text tool big A settings: create as Vector / Direction first / font any I used Arial black for this example / size 20 / stroke width 0
click on your new layer a text entry box opens write your name and click apply
layer palette right click on the word vector and convert to raster layer
click pan
selections / select all / float / defloat
press delete a couple of times on your keyboard to leave you with marching ants

effects/3d effects / drop shadow / vertical -1/ horizontal -1
/ opacity 100 / blur 5 / color black ok
selections / select none

top menu bar where you started your script recording you will see a
diskette icon on the right click on it a box will open for you to save
your script call it watermark script and click save

now if you click on the script drop down in the catergory set it to
script restricted click on the yellow folders called file locations
the file locations box opens make sure it saysC:\Users(your name)
\Documents\My PSP Files\Scripts-Restricted
tick both boxes and click ok
now you should find your watermark script in the scripts restricted list click on it to activate it

Or go to the folder that was created when you first installed psp the one that contains all the psp folders and locate Scripts Restricted and put it in there

now to test it works

Open a 400 x 400 transparent image
flood fill with a color not black
go to top menu and click on the blue triangle run selected script
a box called drop shadow opens you will see your watermark in the
preview box click ok
now you can run the script on all your tags which need your watermark
you might have to use deform tool to resize

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