Call of the Wild

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Mask Here

Supplies 243 Kris Mask
Open a 400x400transparent image
Open a tube of your choice shift + D to copy close original
Material Palette choose a colour or gradient to compliment your tube
Tools / flood fill your new image with the colour
Deselect flood fill using pan tool
Copy and Paste your tube as a new layer onto your flood filled layer
Use the deform tool to position your tube
Deselect deform tool using pan

Layer Palette X out your tube layer
Layer palette right click and rename your tube T1
Activate your flood filled layer
Layers / load, save mask / load from disk
Mask 243 Kris / source luminance checked / fit to canvas checked / Invert Trans unchecked / hide all mask checked / load

layers / merge group
X out your tube layer T1, activate your mask layer ( group raster)
Selections / select all / float / defloat
Selections / Modify / contract / 8 / 

Selections / invert

Layer palette right click on group layer and duplicate until you have 3
Right click and rename all the duplicated layers from top G1, G2, G3

X out G2 , G3 activate G1
Adjust / Add remove noise/ Add Noise / Random checked / noise 10% / monochrome ticked X out G1 un x G2 same settings but noise 15%
X out G2 Un x G3 same settings but noise 20%

Un x G1,G2,G3 selections / Invert
Material palette choose another colour and flood fill all the squares
On G1
X out G1 activate G2 flood fill all the squares x out G2 activate G3 and flood fill all the squares
Click pan to deselect flood fill
Selections / Select none
 x out T3
Activate G1 add the same drop shadow x out G1
Activate G2 add the same drop shadow x out G2
Activate G3 add the same drop shadow x out G3
Layer palette add a new raster layer flood fill white deselect flood fill
Layers / arrange / send to bottom
Right click and duplicate until you have 3 white layers
Rename the white layers BG1,BG2,BG3
X out them all for now
Un x T1,G1,BG1 activate T1 layers / merge visible
X out merged
Un x T2,G2,BG2 activate T2 layers / merge visible
x out merged
Un x T3,G3,BG3 activate T3 layers / merge visible

Un x all merged layers
Right click on top merged rename M1
Right click on middle merged rename M2
Right click on bottom merged rename M3
Un minimise your tube and activate your copy right
copy and paste as a new layer onto M1
Right click on your copyright layer and duplicate until you have 3
Rename from top to bottom CR1,CR2,CR3
X out all layers
Un x CR1,M1 activate CR1 and layers /merge visible
X out merged
Un x CR2,M2 activate CR2 and layers / merge visible
X out merged
Un X CR3, M3 activate CR3 and layers /merge visible
Un X all merged activate the top merged layer
Click on the Big A / settings / create as vector / direction first one / any font / any size /
stroke width 0 / antialias smooth / leading 0 / auto kern checked
Material palette choose the colour for your writing type in your name and click apply
Effects / 3d effects /drop shadow / v1/h1/o100/b0 any colour ok
Right click on your writing layer duplicate until you have 3
X out all layers / unx top writing layer and first Merged layer then layers /merge visible x out merged
un x next writing layer and next merged layer then layers / merge visible X out the merged layer
un x the last writing and merged / layers /merge visible
Un x all layers
File save as name is gmask and save type as psp 7 format or animation shop psp
Open the saved Gmask in animation shop
go to edit and Select all

Go to view and the word animation to check it works then go back to view and click animation again to stop it animating
Go back to psp and find your watermark copy and paste it into animation shop
go to edit and duplicate until you have 3 watermark frames
edit and select all
copy and paste your watermark frames into selected frames and position where you want it
then file save as give it a name and save type as gif keep clicking next until it has saved
and your done

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