Lone Wolf 

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Right Click and Save the Mask and place it in your Psp Mask Folder

Open a 400 x 400 transparent image.

Material palette choose white.

Tools / flood fill.

Flood fill the 400 x 400 with white click pan.

Layers / load/save mask / load mask from disk / settings: Mask called mask 075 / source luminance checked 

/fit to canvas checked / invert transparency unchecked / fit to canvas checked / hide all mask checked / load.

Layers / Merge Group.

Selections / Select All / Float / Defloat..

Selections / modify / remove specks and holes / settings: remove specks and holes checked / 4 x 1 pixels / Ok.

Selections / invert / press delete on the keyboard.

Selection / Invert

Selections / select none.

Tools / magic wand / add (shift) / RGB value / tolerance 50 / sample merged and contiguous checked / feather 0 / anti-alias checked / outside.

Click on the first large shape to activate the ants / click pan

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Later palette add a new layer keep on top and active.

Open a background right click and copy then right click on selected shape and paste INTO selection / selections / select none.

Use the magic wand on the next large shape to activate the ants / click pan

later palette add a new layer keep on top and active.

Copy and paste the background INTO selection / selection / select none.

Repeat these steps until all the large shapes have a background in them and a new layer.

Close Background.

You should have 8 layers with large shapes on and 1 with the mask in white this is the bottom layer.

X out all the layers apart from the bottom one the mask layer click on it to activate.

Selections / select all / float / defloat / press delete on the key board leaving just ants.

Effects / 3d effects / drop shadow / settings: v1 / h1/ op100/ b10/ black/ ok.

Selections / select none

Layer palette / add a new raster layer / layers / arrange / send to bottom.

Selections / select all.

Open another background and copy and paste INTO selection on the bottom new layer.

Close background.

Un x the mask layer and bottom background layer.

Layers / merge visible.

Open a tube a head is the best / shift and d to copy close original tube.

Copy and paste the tube as a new layer onto the background layer.

Use the deform tool to position and resize the tube so it fits into the center

Click pan and add the same drop shadow if you wish.

Layers / merge visible the tube layer and the background layer

Activate the copyright and the watermark and copy and paste as a new layer onto the merged background


Layers / merge visible.

Layer Palette / Duplicate your bottom merged layer 8 times

X out all the layers

Un X the First Raster Layer and activate also un X the first copy of merged layer

Layers / Merge / Merge Visible X out the Merged Layer you just created

Un X the Next Raster Layer and activate also un X the Next copy of merged  layer

Layers / Merge / Merge Visible X out the Merged Layer you just created

Repeat the Steps until we have all the Raster Layers merged visible with the copy of merged

Un x all layers.

Save as give it a name and save type as Animation psp or psp 7 format.

Do not close psp of we still need it

Animation shop.

Open the saved image in animation shop.

You will notice you have 8 frames.

Go to View / Animation to test it works repeat to stop it animating or just press the view animation icon

Return to Paint Shop Pro.

Click on the top layer to activate it.

Tools / text tool / settings: / vector / Directions first / font any / size any / sw 1 / sharp.

Material palette choose a colour for you’re writing and set it in both boxes.

Write your name and click apply.

Add a drop shadow of your choice or use mine and click ok.

By adding the drop shadow the vector turns to a raster layer.

Right click on the writing layer and paste into animation shop.

(Make sure you don’t paste it into one of the frames or it will appear too big)

Right click on the writing and choose copy.

Click on the first animation frame then go to edit / select all.

Edit / Propagate Paste

Right click and paste into the first frame and paste into selected frame the

Writing should appear in all the frames if not click go back the black arrow then edit and propagate paste 

then paste into Selected frame set it in place by clicking the left mouse button.

Once the writing has appeared in all the frames click View / Animation to test it works same again to stop it 


Animation / frame properties / display time change it to 40 - 50 or higher depending on how slow you want it 

to go the higher the number the slower it gets.

Test it again and then save as give it a name / save type as Gif
Click Next / Next until it is saved

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