Young At Heart

Supplies are Below just right click and save them they are in PNG format

open a 400 x 400 transparent image
open any of the corner tubes
right click on your selected corner tube and choose copy
right click on your new layer and paste as a new layer
tools/ deform move the corner tube to the top left corner
click pan
layer palette duplicate your corner tube layer once
activate the top layer
image / mirror
layer palette / merge /merge visible
layer palette right click and duplicate the top layer
image / flip
zoom in on your corner tube
tools / selection tool / rectangle / add, shift / feather 0 / anti-alias ticked
drag a box around a pearl to select ants
click pan
right click on your pearl and choose copy
right click on your working layer and paste your pearl as a new layer
close of the original corner tube now
when asked don’t save changes
tools / move tool position your pearl at the top center between the 2 hearts
click pan
layer palette / right click on the pearl and duplicate once
image flip
x out the bottom 2 layers your corner tube layers
activate the top pearl layer / layers / merge / merge visible
image / mirror
layer palette duplicate your top pearl layer
activate top layer
image / rotate / free rotate / right checked / free checked / type 90 in the box / the other 2 boxes
unchecked / ok
unx both the bottom corner layer
tools / deform tool
use the left and right nodes and position the 2 pearls
activate the bottom layer
tools / deform tool / use the middle nodes and pull it downwards
click pan
activate the next corner layer
tools / deform tools
use the middle nodes and pull upwards and into position
click pan
layers / merge / merge visible
layer palette add a new layer keep on top for now and activate
tools / selection tool / same settings put your cursor in the center of the first heart top left
holding down the left mouse button drag out a square
click pan
you will notice marching ants
open a nice background
right click on it and choose copy
right click on the selected layer and paste Into selection
selection / select none
layer palette
activate top layer / layers / arrange / move down
effects / 3d effects / drop shadow / v 0 / h 0 / op 100 / blur 8 / color black
repeat the same drop shadow
open a tube
copy and paste your tube as a new layer
tools / deform tool / position and resize if needed
adjust / sharpness / sharpen
add a light drop shadow to your tube
layers / merge / merge visible
click pan
add your watermark and copyright
layers / merge / merge all flatten
tools / text tool big A / create as vector / direction any / font any / size any / stroke width any
rest of the settings leave as default
material palette / choose color
write your name and position
layer palette / right click on vector and convert to raster layer
click pan
layers / merge / merge all flatten
save as give it a name
save type as jpeg
 This Tutorial was created and installed by © Mally on Sunday 5 November 2006

Updated on Sunday 4 march 2012

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