Mask and Noise Animation

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Open a 400x400 transparent image

Tools / flood fill 

Material palette choose white 

Flood fill the layer white

Click the pan tool to deselect flood fill

Layers / load/save mask, load mask from disk settings: mask polar-checker-better

 /source luminance checked / fit to canvas checked / invert trans checked / hide all mask 

checked / load

Layers/ merge group

Selections/ select all /float and defloat/ you will notice the uneven lines

Selections / modify / remove specks and holes settings: remove specks checked / 50 x 1

 Pixels ok

Right click choose copy

Move into a space and paste as new image

Close of the group raster now and when a box opens click no 

File /new 400x400 transparent image

Right click on the mask image and choose copy

Right click on the new transparent image and paste as new layer

Close of the mask layer image layer leaving you with 2 layers in the layer palette bottom is 

blank top is the mask image

The reason we did this was to clean up the edges of the mask before we begin

Layer palete delete the bottom blank layer 

Selections /float and defloat choose a nice gradient in the material palette use your own 


Flood fill the floating mask shapes and deselect flood fill using pan leave the shapes floating 

Selections / modify / contract by 3 ok

Layer palette duplicate until you have 3 then selections / invert

Activate the top layer adjust /add /remove noise / add noise settings : random checked 

/monochrome ticked / 50%

X out the top layer active the middle layer /add /remove noise / add noise settings : random 

checked /monochrome ticked 60% x out middle layer

Activate bottom /add /remove noise / add noise settings : random checked /monochrome 

ticked / 70%

Activate top layer right click and rename n1, activate middle rename n2 and activate bottom 

rename n3

Activate n1 right click and add a new layer layers / arrange /send to bottom keep active

Selections / select all

Open a background copy and paste Into selection

Selections / select none

Layer palette right click on the background bottom layer and duplicate until you have 3 x out all 


Activate n1 and unx and unx first one of your background layers and merge visible x out merged

Activate n2 and unx and unx the next one of your background layers and merge visible x out 


Activate n3 and unx and unx the last of your background layers and merge visible unx all 


Open a tube 

Copy and paste the tube as a new layer onto the first merged use deform tool to position 

Click pan

Adjust /Sharpness / sharpen

 If you like u can rename the merged layers to make it easier for yourself for example you could 

call them m1 ,m2 ,m3

Right click on the tube and duplicate until you have 3 rename them all starting with first tube t1, 

second t2 and 3rd t3 then x out all layers

Activate t1 unx and unx first merged or m1 if you renamed them then layers/ merge visible x out 


Active t2 unx and unx next layer or m2 then layers/ merge visible x out merged

Activate t3 unx and unx last merged or m3 then layers merge visible un x all merged

Go back to the tube and activate the copyright and copy / then paste as a new layer on the first 


right click on copyright and use deform tool to position and deactive deform tool

duplicate until you have 3 like we did before rename them all using cr1 ,cr2 ,cr3 do the same 

with your watermark rename all 3 watermarks wm1 ,wm2 ,wm3 x out all layers 

Now activate first layer and we want to unx the wm1, cr1 ,and first merged and merge visible x 

out merged activate next layer unx wm2 ,cr2 ,and next merged and merge visible x out merged

now activate the last of the 3 remaining which have not been merged and unx them all and 

merge visible

Un x all merged  all that remains is the name 

Click on the text tool big A settings :vector , direction first , font any ,size any , sw 1 

Material palette choose your colour in both boxes write your name and apply

Layer palette right click on vector convert to raster layer duplicate until you have 3 x out all 


Un x the first writing and the first merged merge visible x out merged 

As before couple them together the merged and writing and merge visible until you have 3 

merged layers remaining.

Unx all merged file and save as give name and save type as animation shop psp or

 psp 7 format

Open animation shop

Open your saved image in animation shop

 click on the animate icon to make sure it works click on the same icon to stop it


Edit select all / file and save as give name save type as GIF click next / next until

it is saved 

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