Adding a tube using Propagate Paste in Animation Shop

Open the tube you want to use in Paint Shop Pro right click on it and choose copy

Open Animation Shop

Right click in animation Shop and Paste your tube As New Animation  

Open Your Paint Shop pro saved psp 7 layers in Animation Shop

Once they are open you will see the layers are now frames I am using 3 frames

Go to Edit and Select all to activate all the frames they turn blue once they are active

Right click on your Tube and choose Copy

Click on the 3 Frames to activate make sure they are still all Selected

Now go to the Top Menu Bar and choose Edit / Propagate Paste

Right Click on the active Frames and choose Paste into Selected Frame and now your Tube will 

appear in all the Frames

File Save as Give as name

Save type as GIF

Click Next , Next until it's saved

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