Twisty Name Animation Shop Version

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Open Animation Shop

File / New / Width 400 x Height 200 / Transparency Checked ok

Edit / Duplicate Selected so now you have 2 frames

Far right is your Color Palette use the Dropper and choose a Color click in the Color boxes to 



Click in the First frame to activate it once activated it turns dark blue the border

Click the Big A Icon to activate your text 

Click in the first frame and the Add Text box will open

Settings: Font attributes use the Dropdown and choose a font style / Style use Regular /size 

use 48 up to 72

 depending on the size of your name 

If your name is too big a notification opens

 Warning: The text entered will not fit on the animation

Antialias checked / Alignment Left Checked

Write your name and click ok

Move it around until it’s in the place you want it then left click to set it in place 

Click Pan

Click in the next frame repeat the steps until you have 2 frames both with your name in them

Click on the Crop Icon


Activate the first frame and draw a rectangle around it then press the Crop icon

Now you have removed the excess leaving just your name 

Effects / Insert Image Transition

Start with: Animation Frame checked / End with: Animation Frame checked / Define Transition 

5.0 Secs 

Effect: use the Drop down and choose Twist 

Frames Per Second 2fps / Transition contains a total of 10 frames / show preview checked


You should have 12 Frames

View / Animation Or View Animation Icon to test it works / Repeat to stop it Animating


File / Save as Give it a name

Save Type as Gif

Click Next / Next until you have it saved.

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