Right click on the Mask and Save.

Put your Mask in your Psp Masks folder located in your Documents

Open a 400x500 transparent image

Selections / Select All

Open a background

Right click and Copy

Right click on your selected layer and Paste Into Selection

Selections / Select none

Layers / Load Save Mask / Load Mask from Disk

Mask hairflare / Source Luminance checked / Fit to canvas checked / Invert

Transparency checked / Hide all mask checked / load

layers / merge / merge group

layer palette / right click on group raster and duplicate once

layers / merge /merge visible

layer palette add a new layer drag to the bottom

tools/ flood fill tool

material palette choose white

set it in the top box

flood fill the bottom layer white

click pan

open a tube of your choice copy and paste as a new layer

drag tube to the top

tools/deform tool

position and resize

click pan

effects / drop shadow / 0,0,100,8,black / ok

layers / merge visible

open another tube

tools/ lasso tool/ selection type point to point / mode add(shift) carefully

draw around the head of the tube
copy and paste it as a new layer
tools/deform tool
resize and position your head tube
click pan
layer palette lower the opacity from 100 to 50
layers / merge visible
adjust / sharpness / sharpen

add copyright and watermark and merge visible

tools/ crop tool / crop of the excess white

click pan

all that's left is for you to add your name

tools/ text tool / big A

material palette choose the color for your name

in the text box which opens write your name and click apply

layer palette convert vector to raster layer

finish of how you like

layers / merge all flatten


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