Page Turn

Open a 400x400 Transparent Image
Selections / Select All
Open a Background
Right Click on your Background and Paste into Selection

Selections / Select None
Layers Palette / Right Click and Duplicate once
Activate the bottom layer

Adjust / Color Balance / Color Balance Play with the settings I used Red

Open a Tube Right Click and Copy the Right Click and Paste as a New Layer
Tools / Deform Tool
Use the nodes to resize and position your tube

X out the bottom layer
Activate the top layer
Adjust / Sharpness / Sharpen
Layers / Merge / Merge Visible
Activate the top layer
Effects / Image Effects / Page Curl / Color :I used #a12d22 to match my red bottom layer / Radius (%85) /       
Corner : 3rd one along ( bottom right ) Curl Bonding Rectangle : Width (%) 100 / Height (%) 100 /
Edge Mode Transparent Checked / Ok

UnX the bottom layer
Materials Palette use the dropper and choose a color from your top background
Tools / Text Tool / Create as Vector / Direction First / Font Any / Size Any
Write your Name and Click Apply Use the Center Node and angle your Name and Position it where the Page turns

Layers Palette / Convert Vector to Raster Layer
Effects / 3D Effects / Drop Shadow / Vertical 2 / Horizontal 0 / Opacity
100 / Blur 0 / White / ok
Effects / 3D Effects / Drop Shadow / Vertical 0 / Horizontal 2 / Opacity
100 / Blur 0 / Black / ok
Layers / Merge / Merge all Flatten
Add your Copyright / Watermark Finish off how you like then Save

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