Stained Glass Window

Unzip the Files and put the Mask in the Psp Mask Folder
Put your Gradient into the Psp Gradient Folder

File/ New / Open a 400 x 400 transparent image.

Material Palette Click in the Background and fill properties box and choose black.

Tools / flood fill.

Right click on the New Raster and Fill your layer with the black.

Click pan.

Layers / load,save mask / load mask from disk / mask tyleress design mask 18 / source 

luminance checked / fit to canvas checked / invert transparency unchecked / hide all mask 

checked / load.

Layers / Merge Group.

Tools / selection / rectangle / add,shift / feather 0 / anti-alias unchecked.

You will notice 5 rectangles which are coloured zoom in and carefully draw around each one until all 

5 are selected with ants marching

Press / delete on the keyboard.

Click pan.

Selections / select all / float / defloat.

Selections / modify / remove specks and holes / remove specks and holes checked / 50 x 1 

pixels ok.

Press delete on the key board.

Tools / flood fill.

Material Palette / Gradients / Settings: Angle 0 / Repeats 1 / invert checked / ok

Flood fill the ants with the gray then click pan.

Effects / inner bevel / bevel 2 / width 14 / smoothness 15 / depth 12 / ambience 0 / shininess 50 

/ white / angle 315 /

intensity 51 / elevation 30 / ok you can save this as mallys lead bevel.

Selections / select none.

Adjust / brightness and contrast / brightness and contrast / brightness -35 / contrast 0 / ok.

This is the lead for the window. now to add the glass.

Layer palette right click and add a new layer.

layers / arrange/send to bottom and activate.

Selections / select all.

Selections / modify / contract / 3 pixels.

Open the water-ocean background copy and paste INTO selection.

Selections / select none.

Close the water-ocean background.

Activate the top layer you're lead.

Tools / magic wand / add,shift / RGB value / tolerance 20 / contiguous checked / feather 2 / anti-alias 

Use the magic wand and click on the first rectangle to activate the ants click pan.
Add a new raster layer keep on top and activate.
Material palette choose a colour I used the red.
Tools / flood fill.
Fill the selected rectangle with the colour and click pan.
Selections / select none.
Activate you're lead layer again and use the magic wand to activate the next rectangle with ants.
Activate you're top layer and flood fill with another colour I used green click pan.

Repeat the steps until you have all the rectangles filled with a colour 

Once you have the top layer filled with the colours lower the opacity of this layer to 50.

Layers / Arrange / Move Down

Tools / crop  tool / crop of the excess layer leaving a filled out layer

 click pan.

Adding the tubes

You will need 2 tubes both from the same artist.

Open the first tube Copy and paste the tube as a new layer on to your window.

close original.

Tools / Deform tool resize and position your tube .

Layer Palette move your tube below the coloured layer

Layer Palette activate your tube and change the blend mode to Luminance (Legacy)

Layers / merge visible.

Open the other tube.

Copy and paste on to your window as a new layer. close original.

Tools / deform position you're tube and resize if needed click pan.

Adjust / sharpness sharpen.

Add a light drop shadow to the tube use your own settings.

I used 0/0/50/8/ black.

Layers / merge visible.

Adding the text.

Tools / text tool / vector / direction the first one / font any / size any / stroke width any / sharp.

Material palette choose the colour for you're writing set in both boxes.

In the text box which opens type your name and click apply.

Layer palette right click on the vector layer and Convert / vector to raster.

Add you're watermark and copyright.

Finish how you like and save.

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Updated 13 March 2012

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