Installing Masks not just Saving them

We are going to Install our Masks so that they are always there rather than saving them into a 


Locate the Mask you want Installing

Double Click on My Computer Icon on your Desktop

My Computer page opens you will see various Applications in there.

Double Click on the HDD  this is your Hard drive.

My Hard drive is (C:\)

Yours might be (E:\) or different depending on how many Hard Drives you have. 

Once the Hard Drive opens you will see the Program Files Folder.

Double Click on the Program Files to open it.

Once the Program Page opens locate your PSP Program.

I am using PSP 9 so mine is called JASC SOFTWARE INC.

You might have a different PSP Program such as COREL PSP X.

Double click on it to open the folder.

Once open you will see a Paint Shop Pro Program Folder also Animation Shop if you have this 

Program installed.

Double Click on the Paint Shop Pro Folder to open it.

Now you will see all the Folders which make up the Program.

The one we want is called Masks

Double Click the Mask folder to open it.

Now it will display all the Preinstalled Masks.

You can either drag your Mask from where you have it saved into the Masks Folder or Right

Click on your saved Mask and choose Copy once you are Inside the Masks folder Paste the 

Mask there.

Now close everything.

Your Mask is now installed.

All you have to do now is open your PSP and use your Mask.

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