Custom Paint Shop Pro Brushes
Right Click on the Mouth PNG and Save it 

Open a 300 x 300 Transparent Image
For this Tutorial we are using my Mouth PNG
Right Click on the mouth and choose copy
Right Click on your New Layer and Paste as a New Layer
Tools / Paint Brush   
Top Menu Bar Click on the Drop Down next to the Word Presets

A Catergory Box opens look to the Bottom Right you will see a Brush Icon with Dashes all
around it which look like Ants
Click on the Brush Icon another Box opens called Create Brush Tip
Give your Brush a name call it Mouth and in the Author: type in your name and leave the
Copyright blank
Description you can describe it if you wish
Click Ok
The Create Brush Tip box closes
Close of the Original Mouth PNG
Tools / brush Tool click on the drop down again and you should see your Mouth has turned into a 
Let’s test it works
Material Palette choose a colour for your Mouth Brush
Open a 400 x 400 Transparent Image
Top Menu Bar resize your Brush
Now right click anywhere on your new layer and you will see your Mouth Brush

This Tutorial was Created by ©Mally on Thursday 04 May 2006

and is the Property of ©Mally.

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