Beach Fun

Here is the mask you will need just right click and save place

 into the mask folder which came with your psp program

 located in your documents

Open a 400 x 400 transparent image.

Open a background of your choice.

Activate the transparent layer.

Selections / select all.

Paste your background INTO selection.

Selections /select none.

Close the original background.

Layer palette right click on active layer and duplicate until you have 2.
Activate the top layer.
Effects / artistic effects / aged newspaper settings: amount of age 5

Adjust / color balance / choose the colour you want by moving the markers / tone balance 

midtones checked

adjust / brightness and contrast adjust brightness to your own liking

Layers / load,save mask / load mask from disk.

Mask warning / fit to canvas checked / source luminance checked / invert transparency 

unchecked / hide all mask checked / load.

Layer palette x out bottom layer

activate top layer

Layers / merge group

effects / 3d effects / drop shadow settings: v1 / h1 / op 100 / blur 4 / black / ok

layers / merge visible

Open a tube

Copy and paste your tube onto the merged layer as a new layer.

Tools / deform position your tube and resize if needed.

Click Pan.

Effects / 3d effects / drop shadow add a light drop shadow own settings.

Add your copyright and watermark then merge visible.

Tools / text tool / vector / direction any / font any / size any / sw 0 / sharp.

Material palette set white in both boxes.

Write your name then in the layer palette right click on vector convert to raster layer.

Selections/ select all / float / defloat.

Press delete on the keyboard.

We are going to add a 3 part drop shadow.

Effects / 3d effects / drop shadow.

1st drop shadow settings: v -1 / h -1 /op 100 / b 11.88 / white ok.

2nd drop shadow settings: v -1 / h -1 /op 100 / b 0 / black ok.

3rd drop shadow settings: v 1 / h 1 / op 100 / b 0 / white ok.

Selections / select none.

Finish of by adding your own touches either by a brush / sparkles anything you like.

Layers / merge all flatten.


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