Frame it 


Shield Vector Shape Here

Right Click on the Tube and Save I have saved it as a PNG

Open a 500 x 600 transparent image

View / activate the rulers and guides

Material Palette / click in top foreground box / #800080 ok

click in bottom background box / #ff40ff

Tools / Flood Fill tool

Fill your working layer with #ff40ff

click pan

Effects / texture effects / blinds / width 5 / opacity 40 / color #800080 / horizontal checked

and light from left / top check

Layer Palette / duplicate top layer and activated

Effects / texture effects / blinds use same settings only uncheck horizontal / ok

You should now have squares

Layers / Merge / merge visible
tools / preset shape tool / rectangle

settings: mode / draw square / show nodes and create on vector checked /horizontal radius 

and vertical radius checked /line style solid / width 8 / anti-alias checked / mitre limit 15

draw out a square in the bottom left of your working layer

Click apply located on the top menu bar ( presets )

Layer Palette click on the + at the side of your vector to open it

New Rectangle opens double click it to open vector property box

Name: Change it to square / leave the stroke checked, uncheck the fill / leave the stroke width 

at 8 / miter limit 15 / visible and anti-alias leave checked / ok

let's resize your square, the preset menu bar should still be there click on mode / edit mode

now on your working layer your square will have nodes all the way around it,

only use the top , bottom , left and right nodes

Resize it and click apply in the menu bar

Click pan

layer palette right click on vector and convert to raster layer

activate the top layer right click and duplicate once

layer palette top layer right click and rename it to top 1

Activate your other square layer right click  and rename it to bottom 1

click pan

Above your working layer you have your rulers

use your left ruler as your guide move it down 2 notches

go to your top ruler again and pull right to the bottom of your working layer

move it up 2 notches you should now have 2 blue lines one at the top the other at the bottom

go to top left ruler and pull it to the right and use the top ruler as your guide move it 2 notches 

too the right

do the same this time pull it all the way to the right move it left 2 notches using the top right ruler

now you have 4 blue lines 2 horizontal 2 vertical

Layer palette activate top layer 1

tools / move tool / move your square to the top right use your blue lines as your guide

layer palette activate the bottom layer

tools / move tool / move your square so it lines up with your blue lines at the left bottom

Click pan

layer palette activate your top 1 layer

tools / preset shape tool / preset shape use your drop down and locate your shield

settings: retain style unchecked / anti-alias and create as vector checked / line style solid / 

width 8 / miter limit 15

Draw out your shape we now have our blue lines to help align your shield

layer palette / click+ at side of our vector / double click on the shape that opens up

a vector property box opens / name shield / stroke checked and #800080

fill choose a nice purple gradient / settings / angle 57 / repeats 4 / invert unchecked and linear /


stroke width 3 / join first one / miter limit 15 / line style I used diamond / visible checked /anti-

alias unchecked / ok

layer palette / right click vector and convert to raster layer

top layer still active / click on transparent to show color

material palette / swap materials use the double ended arrow icon to do this now #800080

is the background box and #ff40ff is foreground box

tools / preset shape / rectangle  / mode draw rectangle / show nodes checked / horizontal 8 

and/ vertical 8 / line style solid / width 2 / anti-alias checked / miter limit 15

draw out a rectangle on your shield this is where your name goes

layer palette / right click vector and convert to raster layer

tools / pick tool / center your rectangle on your shield

click pan

layer palette rectangle still active

effects / 3d effects / inner bevel / settings: bevel 8 / width 2 / image smoothness 12 /depth 8 / 

ambience 80 / shininess 100 / light color: white / angle 0 / intensity 22 / elevation 30

layer palette activate top 1

click bottom 1 and add the same inner bevel

x out top 1 and bottom 1

layers / merge / merge visible

Now you have a merged background layer and 2 frames called top 1 and bottom 1

your merged background should be the very bottom of your layer palette

un x the top and active

tools / magic wand / mode add (shift) / match mode RGB value / rolerance 16 / use all

layers unchecked / contiguous checked / feather 3 / anti-alias checked / outside

layer palette / add a new layer / move down and activate

open a photo

right click on your photo and choose copy

go back to your selection

right click and paste into selection

selection / select none

you may have to use the deform tool to resize your photo

Activate bottom 1 layer and add a new layer

move it below your bottom 1 layer

Activate bottom 1 layer

tools / magic wand click in the bottom frame to activate the ants

activate your new layer below bottom 1

open another photo

right click and choose copy

right click on your selected layer and paste into selection

tools / deform tool / resize to make it fit

click pan

layer palette x out all

un x top and photo under it

layers / merge / merge visible

x out

un x bottom and photo

layers / merge / merge visible

activate your background layer

tools / selection tool / selection type rectangle / mode / add (shift) / feather 0 / anti-alias


layer palette add a new raster layer keep it on top and activate

you should now have 3 merged layers and 1 raster layer

draw out a long thin rectangle from left to right 

tools / flood fill tool

fill selection with #ff40ff

click pan

selections / modify / contract 10 / ok

material palette choose #c000c0

tools / flood fill

fill your selection with #c000c0

click pan

effects / texture effects / blinds / width 5 / opacity 45 / color #400040 / horizontal unchecked /

 light from left , top checked / ok

selections / select none

tools / magic wand click on the #ff40ff border to activate ants

tools / flood fill tool

fill active ants with #800080

click pan

add the same inner bevel from earlier

selections / select none

drag this layer to the bottom just above your merged background

layers / merge / merge visible

view / click rulers and guides to deactivate them

Add your name to the rectangle we added to the shield

finish of how you like then save

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