Creating a Mask using a Photo

open a photo or background of scenery or people is best

layers / promote to background layer

Effects / filters unlimited / color filters / grayscale my settings i used is 100 ,130 , 130 
Apply use your own judgement

Layers / new mask layers / from image

A box opens called Add Mask From Image / source window will have the name of the 
photo or background
cannot be changed / settings: Create mask from / source luminance checked / untick Invert 
mask data / ok

This is what your mask looks like

The layer Palette will have 3 layers which make up the mask

Layers / load/save mask / Save Mask To Disk / Mask flies box shows saved masks with
 there name / New mask
type in the name to call your mask / save
Now close of the working layer now it will be automatically saved into your psp mask files 
located in My Documents
You could leave it where it is and use it by going to layers / load/save mask or remove the 
mask and save it in the actual psp program mask files by going into my computer
Now you can use it the same way as all your other masks and it is no longer a jpeg or 
bitmap it now has the extension Jasc PspMask.

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