Using the Blaze Cheat Misting Script

Blaze Cheat Misting Script Here

Put the scripts restricted in the following location C:\Program Files \ Jasc Software Inc 

\Paint shop Pro 7,8,9  \Scripts-Restricted

or if you use paint shop pro x this will be the directory C:\Program Files \ corel Software Inc  

\Paint shop pro  X \Scripts-Restricted. 

Open a 400 x 400 transparent image.

Top Menu bar / Selections / select all.

Open a background of your choice

Right click on the background and choose copy.

Right click on the selected layer with the marching ants and paste INTO selection.

Top Menu bar / selections / select none.

Close original background.

Open a tube of your choice.

Layer palette activate the background layer.

Right click on tube and copy.

Right click on the background layer and paste tube as new layer.

Tools / deform position and resize you're tube using the corner nodes.

Tools / click pan.

Top menu bar / Effects / 3d effects / drop shadow settings: Vertical 2 / horizontal 2 / opacity 30

Blur 7 / colour black ok.

Repeat drop shadow using / vertical -2 / horizontal -2 / opacity 30 / blur 7 / colour black ok.

layers / merge / merge visible.

Top Menu bar / select the script / use the drop down and select scripts restricted / scroll down the list

underneath and locate the Blaze_Cheatmist_tubes 

 next to the scripts you will see a blue triangle that is called Run selected script so press on it.

Canvas Size box will open change the width to 400 / Height to 400 / click on the white box to add

a tick this is the lock aspect ratio click ok.

<br/><a href="" target="_blank">View Raw Image</a>

Auto Actions box opens put a dot in always take these actions then click ok

Feather selection box appears chance number of pixels to 40 ok.

The same feather selection box opens this time set it to 40 click ok.

Gaussian blur box opens set the radius to 0 click ok.

For now you can use my settings but later on you can play with the feather settings and the gaussian blur


Now you're image will be misted.

Top Menu Bar / Adjust / Brightness and contrast / brightness,contrast / brightness -30 / contrast 0

Top Menu Bar / Adjust / Brightness and contrast / clarify 5 then repeat again.

Layer palette / right click and add a new raster layer.

Drag this new layer to the bottom and activate.

Material palette / colour black.

Tools / flood fill.

Fill the bottom layer black.

Tools / click pan.

Top Menu bar / image / Add borders / pixels / color black / symmetric checked / type in 10 / ok.

Activate the other tube you started with and right click on the copyright layer and choose copy.

Right click on the misted image and choose paste as a new layer.

Add you're watermark if you have one.

Tools / text tool big A / settings: Create as vector / direction first / font any / size any

Stroke width 1/ sharp.

Material palette choose a different colour in each of the boxes

Write you're name and click apply.

Layer palette right click on the word vector and choose convert to raster layer. 

Top menu bar /Layers / merge / merge all flatten.

finish of how you like

File save as give an name / save type as jpeg.

next time you could change the color to white or any other

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