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Open a 400 x 400 transparent image.

Selections/load save selection/ load selection from disk / settings: Frame (mallys) / source 

luminance checked / replace selection checked / options none selected / load.

Material Palette choose a gradient / colour or pattern of your choice.

Tools / flood fill / fill the frame with your chosen material and click pan.

Effects / 3D Effects / Inner bevel / 2 / width 15 / image smoothness 20 /depth 6 / 

Ambience 1 /Shininess 25 / Light color white / Angle 319 / Intensity 36 /Elevation 45 / Ok

Selections / select none.

Open a tube of your choice shift and d to copy close original tube.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer onto the frame.

Tools / deform / position the tube in the frame and click pan.

Layer palette drag the tube layer to the bottom and x out.

Tools / magic wand / settings / add (shift) / RGB value / tolerance 30 / sample merged and 

contiguous checked / feather 2 /anti-alias ticked / outside.

Click inside the frame to activate the ants and click pan.

Add a new layer move it below your frame

 Open a background and copy and paste INTO selection

Close original background.

Selections / select none.

Tools / deform / drag the nodes to make the background wider so that it fits better don’t 

worry about over lapping slightly.

Click pan.

Layer palette drag the background layer to the bottom.

Un x the tube layer.

Activate the tube layer it should be the middle one.

Effects / 3d effects / drop shadow/ settings / v 0 / h 0 / op 50 / b 11 / black / ok.

Layer merge visible.

Image / resize / 85% / resize all layers unchecked.

Tools / deform / move the image up to the top of the canvas leave a small gap click pan.

Effects / 3d effects / settings / v 10 / h 10 / op 50 / b 11 / black / ok.

Open another tube of your choice shift and d to copy close original tube.

Copy and paste the tube as a new layer onto the merged image.

Tools / deform / position your tube and click pan.

Effects /  v 1 / h 1 / op 50 / b 11 / black / ok.

Add both the tubes copyrights and watermark and layers / merge visible.

Layer palette / add a new layer / layers / arrange / send to bottom.

To this layer you can either add a colour / gradient or background of your choice.

Layers / merge visible.

Tools / text tool / vector / direction any / font any / size any / sw 0.

Material palette choose your colour set it in both boxes write your name and click apply.

Add a frame or border if you wish then save as give it a name and save type as JPEG.

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