Double Scene

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Open a 400 x 400 transparent image 

Selections / select all 

Open one of the backgrounds or your own 

Right click on the background and choose copy 

Right click on the 400 x 400 transparent image and paste INTO selection 

Selections / select none

Layers / load ,save mask / load mask from disk / settings  mask called sg~mask007 / 

source luminance checked / fit to canvas checked/ invert transparency unchecked / hide all 

mask checked / load 

Layers / merge / merge group 

Effects / 3d effects /drop shadow/ v -4 / h -2 / op 100 / b 0 / black / ok

Tools / deform tool / position the mask to the right and stretch out slightly click pan

Layer palette / right click and add a new raster layer

Layers / arrange / send to bottom 

Selections / select all

Open the other background or your own and right click and copy and paste INTO selection

Close both backgrounds now 

Selections / select none

Layer palette / change the opacity to about 40 

Layers / merge all flatten 

Open the tube or one of your own choice shift and d to copy close original tube 

X out the copyright and activate the tube layer

Right click on the tube and select copy 

Right click on the background and paste as a new layer

Tools / deform tools / resize and position the tube to your liking then click pan

Effects / 3d effects / drop shadow / v1 / h1 / op50 / b8 / black / ok

Activate the copyright layer right click and copy and paste as a new layer onto your 

background image

Tools / deform / resize and position also add your watermark and click pan

layers/ merge / merge visible

Close of the tube now

Image / add borders / symmetric ticked , 3,3,3,3,white

Image picture frame choose a nice frame 

layers / merge visible

Open a 400 x 400 transparent image

Selections / select all 

Right click on your background image and choose copy

Right click on the 400 x 400 transparent and paste INTO selection

Selections / select none

Adjust / sharpness / sharpen 

Tools / text tool / settings / vector / direction first / any font / any size /stroke width 1 / 

anti-alias sharp

Material palette / choose a colour or gradient set it in both boxes the foreground and 


Write your name and click apply and position were you want also add a drop shadow if you 


Layers / merge all flatten 

save type as JPEG

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