Making a Watermark

Open a 300x200 transparent image (Raster background)

Tools/Text tool/Vector/Direction first/Font any/Size about 30 or higher/Stroke width 0

Material Palette/Colour/Set Black in both boxes

Write your name in the Text Entry box Click Apply

Selections / Select all / Float / Defloat

you will see ants around your name. Press delete on your Keyboard until all the black disappears

Effects/3D Effects/Drop shadow/V 1/H 1/Op 100/B3/White/ok

Repeat Drop shadow using V 1/H 1/Op 50/B 3/Black/ok

Selections/Select None

Layer Palette you should have 2 layers

Bottom layer transparent, Top layer Name

Activate the Bottom layer

Material Palette choose a color or gradient

Tools/Floodfill/fill the bottom layer with your colour or gradient to test how your Watermark looks

Layer Palette delete the gradient,colour in bottom layer you should now be left with just your 


Tools / Crop Tool /Drag around your writing and Crop of the excess.

Click Pan.

File/Save as Call it Watermark.

Save type as PSP 7 or higher.

Now you are ready to use your Watermark.

This Tutorial was Created by ©Mally on Thursday 4 September 2008

and is the Property of ©Mally.

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